Multicloud Portable Applications

Graal Cloud Native lets you take full advantage of powerful cloud services without coupling to proprietary platform APIs. The lack of standard APIs across clouds makes it nearly impossible to write portable applications, but with Graal Cloud Native portability becomes possible. Leverage services such as object-storage, monitoring, security, secret management, and more and deploy to popular cloud platforms.

graal cloud native scheme graal cloud native scheme

Why Graal

Cloud Native?


Multicloud Portability

Write applications once and run them on any public cloud. Develop applications without worrying about cloud-proprietary APIs and libraries, and thus prevent cloud lock-in.


Developer Productivity

Reduce development time with out-of-the-box cloud service integrations and compile-time validation that detects errors at build time, not runtime.

❯ Build Micronaut® Apps (03:53)

Faster and Cheaper

Graal Cloud Native applications compiled by GraalVM Native Image start instantly, provide peak performance with no warmup, and have a small memory footprint.

❯ Build Performant Apps (3:03)

Supported on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Run Graal Cloud Native applications in production on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with full commercial support at no additional charge.

❯ Use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services (20:37)