Graal Cloud Native Tools make it easy to develop Graal Cloud Native applications. You can easily create a new Graal Cloud Native (or Micronaut®) application, then deploy and run it in the cloud—all from within your IDE. The tools offer full-featured support for the Micronaut framework and seamlessly integrate with the cloud SDKs and tools you already use.

The tools are built for Visual Studio (VS) Code. VS Code is a modern, fast, lightweight, open source IDE with extensive features to help you develop your Java applications.

In addition, if you use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), you'll find that it's never been easier to deploy to Oracle Kubernetes Engine (OKE) thanks to the support for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DevOps service.

To start using the tooling, you will need:

  1. VS Code installed.
  2. A Java installation, such as Oracle GraalVM.

Then install the Graal Cloud Native Extension Pack from the VS Code Marketplace, by simply clicking Install.

GCN Extension Pack

Learn More About the Extensions

Graal Cloud Native Launcher

This extension provides a launcher to easily create a new Graal Cloud Native project. A wizard helps you create different types of projects, including serverless applications and gateway functions.

OCI DevOps Tools

The OCI DevOps service can host your source code in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and build, then deploy, your projects in hosted CI/CD pipelines.

Micronaut Launch

Micronaut Launch is a lightweight extension to create a new Micronaut application from within VS Code.

Micronaut Tools

Micronaut Tools is a powerful extension that enables you to develop Micronaut framework and Graal Cloud Native applications using GraalVM.

Tools Guides

Setting OCI DevOps Build and Development Pipelines in VS Code

This guide shows you how to set up OCI DevOps service pipelines in VS Code so you can build and deploy your application in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Deploying a Java Application to Amazon Web Services App Runner in VS Code

This guide shows you how to create and deploy a containerized Java application to Amazon Web Services App Runner.

Deploying a Java Application to Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Cluster in VS Code

This guide shows you how to create a Java application, containerize and deploy it to Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service from within VS Code with ease, using the Graal Cloud Native Tools.

Creating a Database Application and Connecting to an Oracle Autonomous Database

This guide shows you how to use the Graal Cloud Native tools in VS Code to create a Java application from an existing Oracle Autonomous Database schema.