A full stack for the development and deployment of high-performance cloud native applications

What is the Graal Stack?

The Graal stack includes the Graal Development Kit for Micronaut, which makes it easy to build multicloud native applications; GraalVM Native Image, which compiles your application into an efficient native executable; and GraalOS, which makes the cloud as easy to use as the JVM.

Graal Stack Components

GraalVM Native Image compiles your application ahead of time into a standalone native binary that starts instantly, scales fast, and uses fewer compute resources.

GraalVM Product Presentation Image

The Graal Development Kit for Micronaut is a build of a curated set of open source Micronaut® framework modules and their required libraries for building portable cloud native microservices that take full advantage of powerful cloud platform services and that can be compiled ahead of time by GraalVM Native Image.

Graal Development Kit for Micronaut Product Presentation Image

Using GraalVM Native Image, your deployed application runs as native machine executable taking full advantage of the latest x64 and AArch64 processor features.

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