High-performance serverless application deployment platform

GraalOS is an application deployment technology that uses GraalVM Native Image to run your application as a native machine executable to take full advantage of the latest x64 and AArch64 processor features

Key Features
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Fast Start

GraalOS applications start fast with virtually no cold start cost

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Low Latency

Excellent 99th percentile latency makes GraalOS applications highly responsive

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Reduced Memory

GraalOS applications require significantly less memory resulting in reduced operating costs

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Run On Demand

GraalOS applications are automatically suspended and resumed on demand—with no idle cost

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Applications, not Containers

GraalOS takes advantage of the latest advances in processor architectures for hardware enforced application isolation without requiring application containerization

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Cloud Native

With support for stateful and stateless services and functions, GraalOS is ideal for cloud native applications