Using the GDK Launcher

This guide shows how you to use the GDK Launcher to generate a project.

The GDK Launcher is divided into two main sections: configuration of the development environment and target cloud platform; and selection of available services and features. This guide describes both sections in turn.

When you have configured your project and selected your services, click Generate Project. The GDK Launcher generates a multimodule project with separate modules for each cloud, and a common lib module where you can create content that is shared between the cloud-specific modules. This enables you to separate logic that is different between cloud providers, while keeping most of the implementation in the common “lib” module. A ZIP file containing the project is downloaded to your default downloads directory.

Note: A project’s dependencies (and other configuration details) are described in build files (such as build.gradle or pom.xml). For more information about build files, see Build Configuration for Micronaut.

Configure the Development Environment and Target Cloud Platform(s) #

Configure your project from the following options.

  • Project Type The GDK Launcher can create the following types of project:
    • Application: a server application
    • Function: a serverless cloud function
    • Gateway Function: a serverless cloud gateway function
  • Project Name: The name of the project.

  • Base Package: The name of the package containing the application. This determines the project’s namespace.

  • Clouds: The name of the cloud platform(s). Select the appropriate check box(es).

  • Build Tool: The build tool to use for the project. Select the appropriate radio button (or use the default).

  • Java Version: The JDK version the project should target. Select the appropriate radio button (or use the default).

  • Sample Code: Indicates whether to include sample code in the project. Select the appropriate radio button (or use the default).

  • Micronaut Version The version of micronaut libraries the project should use. Select the appropriate radio button (or use the default).

  • Cloud Services Select the services you require for your project from the Services tab. For information about the available services, see GDK Modules.

  • Features Select the Micronaut features required by your application from the Features tab. (Use the search field to filter features.) For more information about Micronaut Features, see Micronaut Guides.